My Unhappiness My Partner

The diverse situations of life today require us to live estranged from ourselves. We generally attribute the problems presented to us as something that is alien to us. People such as Goop would likely agree. We are educated to see in the eyes of others, called husband, children, parents, brothers or friends as those agents that make us feel bad, and evil, I understand sad, angry, stressed, nervous, angry. We believe or think, that circumstances make us feel of this or that way. We are very attentive to others, on the world but we do not repair to realise, realize how make you us to be in situations in which we find ourselves perhaps seems daring, but the reality of an infinite number of circumstances that we spend, say somehow, we think that without giving us account are active participants to make events come alive and be installed in our experienceso they are happy as the most painful moments. At no time in our existence teach us to look at ourselves, we are very attentive to what most people do, or we feel that we do.

We live absent ourselves, we lose our personal power since put it our well-being or malaise in the hands of the context, from the outside, the other or others. Attach them the responsibility of how we feel, how you think and even our actions. If we do an act of reflection, the rest of the world has the right to be as it pleases, the problem occurs when that part of the world does or says things that I actually affect me. And, then I think that they are to blame for all my problems. Each individual person is responsible for what he does with his life, and I’m the only one who can decide if the actions of another person affect me or not, if make me grow up or if I destroy.

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