Passions Coffee

There are seeds of self-destruction, all of us, that will only give us unhappiness if we allow them to grow. Dorothea Brande. Beautiful flower: this morning is a little cold. I also have a little sleep. The previous day I had an exhausting day, I’m really exhausted. Finally I decided to climb this peak: I hope not having me wrong and you’re there. I turn a campfire and prepare myself a coffee.

I have the Cup in my hands: feel the heat; I breathed your smell, it is a stimulating perfume. I drink a SIP, I am part of the communion between Earth, am part of life. Enters my be the best: I’m part of the gourmet existence. I begin to imagine the, the colors of seed grain; the whole process of planting. And of course, the most beautiful: the collection stage. I am amazed by the skill, expertise and naturalness with which collectors selected only the best coffee beans, as if only they knew having in their hands and in their lives, happiness, the joy of living.

We should so live all. Taking with our hands what is really worth. Have more loving that gives us the Earth. That, indeed, is simple. Only us programmed not to accept the possibility of being happy, to understand, once and for all, that we are the best life seed product and that we are developing a feature in this life. As the coffee thing is doing at the moment with me, you’re comforting me. Beautiful flower, goes without saying it, but sometimes it’s good to say things that are beautiful, it is good to remember him and listen to him: you are the fruit of a cute seed. I finished me coffee. The Cup is empty. I carefully note the bottom of it. I want to know read my future.

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