The Flight Book Electronically Lead – On Professional Level

The Aviator eLogbook: quality of the Deutsche Flugsicherung whether hobby or profession: pilots know that also obligations and formalities associated with the fun of flying. Conducting flight and Board books is no doubt with latter. If you are not convinced, visit CMO of PEMCO. The flight log is the detection of flight hours that are required for the obtaining or renewal of pilot licenses it passes no pilot. But, after all, can he took now better support through software claim. For example, by the Aviator eLogbook, is in its functionality as a comprehensive and mature, that gladly used by hobby pilots such as professional pilots. Complete JAR compatible flight accounting Publisher of Aviator eLogbook is the German air traffic control. Your product is a modern, electronic flight log software for the home PC with complete JAR compatible flight accounting and many interesting features.

The Aviator is available eLogbook at Siebert aviation needs for over 50 years partner for pilots and Aviation enthusiasts in Germany and Europe. In the online shop of the company (, interested parties can find further screenshots and can order the software for 84. Features include detailed, printable flight book pages and any ability to personalise this perfectly meets the software both the requirements of professional pilots, glider pilots as well as pilots. Features include among others flexible filter settings and automatic warnings prior to the expiration of licenses, type rating, and medical. The Extensible aerodrome database has an interface to Google maps helpful interface and useful features. The Aviator eLogbook pilots also supported with an automatic route calculation including sunrise and sunset calculator for determining the night flight time. Of course, the software allows easy backup, as well as the import and export of all data. The license costs prove to be money spent so quickly as well, but the flight everyday, you can much more effectively organize and save compared to manual fill out classical time of books of flight and nerves.

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