Many times, when we think that the journey of our dreams, or a well deserved holiday, are beyond our reach for economic reasons, we get a surprise. Almost anywhere on the planet you want to visit, not to say everyone, he has a large amount of cheap hotels, some with truly tempting offers. However, we know that not all will offer a good service, and assail us doubts about the cleanliness and location, among other disturbing items. It will be hundreds of miles from the center of the city? We will have to share the room with rodents and cockroaches? Will fall off the roof over our heads? Why are they so cheap? But stop suffering and start to enjoy is simpler than we think. Welcome to the wonderful world of cheap hotels that will want to return. If our destination is the beach, the first step will be to consult a map of the chosen resort. Many times, the most beautiful beaches are not those close to the center of the city, but those found to some miles away. Nothing that a car, public transport or even a good walk to not resolve.

And as we move away from the Center, find cheap hotels tends to be easier. In this particular case, cheap hotels in addition to the obvious advantage of its low cost the charm of enjoy the beaches most beautiful and rugged, a few minutes from the activity of the Centre. Or, put another way, the best of both worlds. Once you have selected the exact place where you want to stay, the next step is to go out hunting for hotels family, or attended by their owners. Generally abound, (bingo!) in the points some distance from the Centre.

Many families, or couples of retirees whose children have left the nest, fulfilled his dream of opening a hotel on the beach. And moved to spend the entire summer there. It is then, by logic, cheap hotels: they are generally small, their owners staying there himself, so they do not have extra accommodation expenses, and cater to guests in person, so nor They must be paid wages. In addition, they tend to be charming places where one feels at home, with people who knows you by name and surprises with little attentions. Cheap hotels not only provide the possibility to travel despite a limited budget. Some, even more welcoming than the best are five stars. It is worth finding ours. That to which you will always want to return.

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