Beyond Lobato Hunter, other scholars of the subject have been worried about the material to be offered its public of form to opt to a new language, new values or even though to discourse on subjects and common values, but that they bring new resources, oportunizando to the children, spaces to be grown, to develop and to progress next to the personages of read sorts. The writer Nelly Novais Rabbit in its book Infantile Literature, approaches today concerning some characteristics more frequent in the majority of the literary productions. ' ' She has, today, a visible trend for retaken of subjects or the old resources to spread out them as new processos' '. (Infantile Literature, p 151). The author makes a relation of characteristics that contribute sufficiently stop with our works and studies concerning the subject. First it discourses on ' ' The EFABULAO that tends to initiate immediately with the main reason or with circumstances that lead directly to the problematic situation.

But of what history to be counted, worries the author about the way for which it can present it leitor' '. In Memories of Emlia, it has this procupao, therefore the author selects the words carefully and expressaes to be employees, the periods, in general is short, simple and intelligent language. The Nelly Rabbit adds characteristic more in its book Literature Infantile, he is ' ' THE PERSONAGES? TYPES that reappear (kings, queen, princesses, princes, fairies, witches, professionals of some areas, employees), but generally through a satirical prespectiva and crtica' '. In Memories of Emlia, the Popeye heroes and Captain Gancho are desvirtuados, ranks to ridicule: ' ' Who had the honor to nail great murro in the chins, murro that it knocks down knock-out, was Pedrinho. Murro for top-baf seated one underneath! Popeye gave two returns in air and was aplastou in the soil, without sentidos' '.

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