For the religious ones: Bacteria do not exist ' ' saints/especiais' ' all the organic bodies contain the sets of the same ones! The symbiosis this gift. 4) – the love, the hatred and other instincts are complementation for the continuity of certain groups, for example, as the mammals. The reactions of certain people and its judgments are more previsible than the headquarters in the desert. A good demonstration of burrice is that when one human being this happy and it if find the certainty, the rewarded one, the face. Type thus: An airplane falls with 200 boarding and if saved 01, the most likely commentary (for certain individuals) would be: ' ' it was a miracle and etc' '. 5) – the experience of existing is only each being, in personal time. It does not try to impose a continuation human being of its desires, would be a universe commanded for smios.

All the desires in the system tornan utopian to the measure that can be materialize because the law of existing, and the individual one, is stronger than the dreams, in this aspect. All the laws known at the moment, or not, are part so only of our universe (forces, time-space) does not modify/intervenes with ' ' Absoluto&#039 space; ' , in which everything this (e) enclosed. The carried through decisions, as explained previously, have effect for produced who them, but they are not gratified or penalizadas, for skies, in accordance with our sense of right or wrong. 6) – the demographic explosion bush with bigger pain, we and the lives around, of what the current bombs of our wars. The nature always creates a predator to the height of its canine tooth, mainly, being the proper canine tooth its predator. The paradox is that we want to give to segment the race and at the same time wants everything yesterday pra is nossos' ' programas' '.

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