The Marketing Strategic Defines The Technology Organizations

Up to make some years SMEs not assumed the technology as tools for the construction of competitive advantage felt it benefited only to large organizations, based its decisions whereas the technology as an expenditure and not an investment. But the same technology as a competitive advantage, globalization, trends and business dynamics have generated challenges and SMEs are beginning to recognize the needs of information for strategic decision-making. Investment in technology should be based on market strategy as the basis for competitiveness, implementing new technological tools brings benefits in the performance of the air and improves the results of management and makes your company a highly competitive business. SMEs should resolve your technology needs with resources, time and access to financial credit restrictions, so today there are efficient and financially affordable technologies for SMEs but it is important to take into account technological solution is suitable for the achievement of goals of each company. The main error of SMEs at the time to invest in technology is looking to solve the immediate difficulties and do not provide a comprehensive and long-term strategy oriented to opportunities and marketing strategies. Below I describe my recommendations at the time of taking the decision to invest in technology. Your technology should contribute to strategic marketing as the basis for competitiveness.

Your technology should be adaptable, flexible, integrated, online and real time, scalable, easy to Setup, ease of integration with other programs and above all an excellent back-up so that it can provide competitive advantages. Your technology should integrate and communicate all the areas of your organization. Example: accounting, document management, marketing, quality, processes etc. Your technology should allow you to improve their processes to respond to in a timely manner to the business opportunity. Original author and source of the article.

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