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He says that if the measure is not taken urgently could lose its effectiveness. He believes that people will judge the performance of the Government. Building Minister and spokesman for the Government, Jose Blanco, has declared that I would have liked to share with citizens the constitutional amendments agreed by PP and PSOE decision but we are in a serious situation that needs quick answers, so it not be opted for the popular consultation, as expressed in an interview in the chain be. This measure, if it is not taken quickly, loses its value and its efficiency explained the Minister referring to fears of a new recession in the economy: two months ago we were thinking in the recovery and now in the recession. Other leaders such as Mining offer similar insights.

We are in a context with great volatility. White pointed out that the urgency prevents transferring responsibility to the citizens, so that the Government will assume the decision and they will be those who will judge it. Criticism of the PP Jose Blanco understands this as necessary reform because excessive debt is a burden for a country. Although it has rejected other possible proposals for the control of the public purse as the deficit proposed by the Coordinator of the PP, Critobal Montoro, economics and zero according to the Minister is not the budgetary stability. He has criticized in addition to the President of the community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre, by leveraging debt to start trimming on education, which is the most sacred, which contrasts with what the Government, which is to increase the number of scholarships has done. Reform Democrats coming out to the passage of the criticisms that the Government has received by limiting the deficit in the Constitution, white has dndido that the principle of budgetary stability is a principle of social democratic and flexible.

White has stated that he does not believe that constitutional reform is a political cost and has shown convinced that you won’t have a social cost, but upside down because a guarantee of good governance is a guarantee of the welfare state. Tax the rich in response to whether the Government will raise taxes to higher revenues, as already did this Thursday Portugal, the Minister of development has ensured that there is no time to create or increase a tax as serious to the very wealthy, but that it will be included in the electoral program of the PSOE in the upcoming elections. With regard to a possible modification of the wealth tax, Jose Blanco has been doubtful and has left open the possibility of a change in this tribute. Source of the news: white, on a rrendum for reform: “we would have liked but there is no time”.

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